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Just a little bit

Short film made for the Australian Federal Government Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency ASEA. Is a little bit of Asbestos harmful?

Fractional Property Investing

DomaCom specializes in Fractional Property Investing. This video explains how they work in an amusing way.

The Experts

Everyone's an expert when it comes to Asbestos Safety...

Incolink Commercial

Outlining the services provided by Incolink, the construction industry redundancy fund, which provides health and wellbeing services for workers.

Asbestos Quiz

What do you know about Asbestos?

The Interrogation

Comical and Dramatic film where an Asbestos Fibre (CJ Fortuna) is interrogated by two cops- Tony Rickards and Paula Gardner.

Concentration Risk

Short cartoon that we made for DomaCom featuring the talents of cartoonist and animator Andrew Fyfe

The Builders

Part of a series of short web clips featuring Andrew Maj and  David Lawrence.