Andrew Maj
Managing Director

Andrew has over 30 years experience in the Australian entertainment industry.
His on camera roles include feature films such as Evil Angels and Takeway, Television serials including Blue Heelers and MDA, and sketch comedy roles in Fast Forward, The Comedy Company and The Russell Gilbert Show. His creative input has helped propel the careers of numerous accomplished comedic performers.

He started his career writing for The Comedy Company and then moved on to join main writing teams on Fast Forward, Full Frontal, The Wedge, Comedy Inc, The Russell Gilbert Show and Russell Gilbert was here. He was a creative consultant, producer and writer for Hey Hey It’s Saturday and Dancing With The Stars. Andrew was a producer for The Osbournes:Reloaded (FOX Network USA) as well as a creative consultant for the Hey Hey Reunion Specials.

He has won the ATOM AWARD for Best Training Resource for a film about Drugs and Alcohol, and  has made many corporate and educational films for clients such as the Victorian Construction Industry Group Incolink, Skyline Educational Foundation, Jacaranda Books and the Australian Government Asbestos Safety and Education Office.

Having spent a lot of the past year making commercials, Andrew has just produced a series of cooking videos with chef Tobie Puttock.

He is also making a documentary about his family using footage from the Shoah Foundation as well as new interviews .

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