Story of a Racehorse

A short film made for Cumani Racing, Ballarat. Follows the story of a horse called Dunwoody

Food, Drink and Hospitality Showreel

Food, Drink and Hospitality 

Here is a montage of the video work that we have done in this area

Commercial - GreenPan/Myer

Chef Tobie Puttock, known for  Television appearances and his work with Jamie Oliver, explains the benefits of a new range of environmentally sustainable cookware available at Myer stores.

Commercial - Bare Cremation

Commercial featuring the comedic talents of Geoff Brooks, actor and performer known for his work on the classic TV series 'Fast Forward' and also for being one half of 'The Dodgy Brothers'.

Promotional Video - Incolink Bus

Originally set up to travel to construction sites to test workers for general health issues and prostate cancer, this service is now used for mobile CoVid 19 testing and Vaccination in the Victorian Construction Industry. 

Television Commercial - Bare

Actress Carole Patullo plays the role of a woman who is tired of attending traditional funerals and is making plans for her future. Produced for innovative funeral company Bare Cremation.

Website Video -Elliot Goblet 

An excerpt of a standup routine by well-known Australian Comedian Elliot Goblet at Punchlines Comedy Club. Filmed in front of a sellout audience and featured on his website.

Online Choir Video - 'Laudate'

An ambitious lockdown project featuring 350 singers from Australia and overseas, singing together from their loungerooms, kitchens and gardens. This video raised $15,000 for Foodbank Australia. 

Commercial - Bare Cremation

This commercial was performed, filmed and edited by Andrew Maj of Maze Productions during lockdown.

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