Josh Waddell

We have been working with Josh for 17 years. Director of Photography and Editor extraordinaire. Josh makes films for councils, corporates and environmental groups, does breathtaking cinematography, and has been instrumental in developing the shooting style of our food, cooking and advertising projects

Cameron Macmillan

Multi-talented Cam is a Videographic artist, camera operator, drone pilot, editor and specialist in virtual reality. Coming from an advertising agency background, Cam makes sure that the commercials that we produce meet Television Industry Standards for delivery. He is also working with us on the formation of a new advertising agency, "Mighty Placebo" that only makes funny ads.

Ray Matsen

Writer, Comedian, Copywriter, Animator.
Ray has headed up the writing teams of many a Television show, and is developing Television concepts, commercials and corporate content with us. He is also the co-creator and animator of "Mr Goblet".

Jack Levi
aka Elliot Goblet

Corporate host, MC and entertainer, as well as creator of one of Australia's best-loved comedy characters, Elliot Goblet. Jack is currently working with us on an innovative new concept for the corporate market.

CMC Talent

 CMC Talent represent some of Australia's best-known performers from Television, Stage, Food and Sport. We have started working with them filming and developing content with and for their clients, and hope to continue this special relationship into the future.

Andrew Fyfe

Andrew is one of Australia's leading cartoonists and caricaturists, and he is also an accomplished animator and copywriter. Best known for his work on 'Hey Hey It's Saturday', we have collaborated with Andrew on several animation and corporate projects. 

David Lawrence and Jo Gill

Experienced Television writers and performer, David and Jo run 'Performing Matters', which specialises in roleplay and corporate comedy. We continue to collaborate and produce staff training videos for their corporate clients.

Paul Mizzi

Paul Mizzi and Andrew Maj first worked together on the screenplay of feature film "Dominic and the Flippers" which received two rounds of Film Victoria Funding. Paul is a successful entrepreneur, and developed the web series "Coffee or Corona" with Maze Productions. Our collaboration continues with the development of Television concepts as well as the formation of an advertising agency, together with Cameron Macmillan that only does funny ads- "Mighty Placebo".

Simon Palomares

Simon is one of Australia's pioneers in multicultural comedy, and we are very pleased to be piloting a new Television concept with him.

Ivan Aristeguieta

After only 8 years in Australia after arriving from Venezuela, Ivan has established himself as one of Australia's leading comedians, as well as conducting very popular cooking classes on Zoom during the lockdowns. We are excited to be making a new TV pilot with Ivan and Simon Palomares. 

Hitmaker Studios

Run by our good friend, veteran TV director and producer Jon Olb, Hitmaker is a world class studio facility where we can film vodcasts, commercials and studio-based Television shows.

Marcus Thomson

Marcus is an amazing talented photographer and a brilliant blues harp player, but we also like him because his family own one of Australia's leading wineries, Bests. His food photography of our latest project with chef Tobie Puttock is simply outstanding, and will be featured on the Myer website and socials.

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