Video History Documentary Project

The Cameron Forbes Story

A mini documentary covering the life of acclaimed  journalist, editor and author Cameron Forbes to cover the occasion of his 80th birthday. Produced, filmed and edited by Andrew Maj.

Part of a service that we offer, documenting the life stories of ordinary and extraordinary Australians. We are currently developing a documentary about a Holocaust survivor.

'Coffee or Corona' Web Series

Coffee or Corona
with Younger Hill

A no-holds-barred interview with two female comedians, Fahey Younger and Jodie J Hill, who have started a successful real estate business. Hilarious and informative.

Coffee or Corona 
with Bob 'Bongo' Starkey

The first interview of our web series features guitarist turned builder Bongo Starkey. He shares his journey from his fame with Skyhooks through to starting his own business and surviving in these difficult times.

Coffee or Corona 
with Richard Cornish

Acclaimed food columnist and television producer Richard Cornish talks food, comedy and mushy peas. We had so much material that we split it into 2 parts!

Coffee or Corona
with Andrew Peters

King of the Voiceovers-  the man with the golden tonsils- Andrew Peters, opens up about his career in radio, hosting a popular music TV show, and then doing the classic sea change and setting up a studio of his own.

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